Welcome to our Executive team at Allegro Sanitation Corp. Click on the names below to view their information.

Steven J. Milano, President

Phone: 201-863-1063 Ext:22

Steven started his career in the solid waste industry by driving a truck for his family’s company, Allegro Sanitation Corporation, in 1975. After working in dispatch and supervising, he became President in 1988. He now manages the day to day operations and is in charge of all administrative aspects of Allegro Sanitation Corporation. Steven oversees the growth of the business.

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Nicholas Milano, V.P. Facility Operations

Phone: 201-863-1063 Ext:12

Nick started his career more than 47 years ago in the solid waste industry. In 1965 he started as a driver in his family’s company, Allegro Sanitation Corporation and he worked his way into management. He now oversees the welders and mechanics and all the MRF employees.

Nick custom-designs layouts and engineers compaction installations that include shutes and walkouts to suit the discerning client’s needs. Please call Nick to discuss your next custom designed project.

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Michael Milano, V.P. Sales and Secretary/Treasurer

Phone: 201-863-1063 Ext:21

Mike started his career in the solid waste industry after graduating St. John’s University with a B.A. in Economics. His role at the family company, Allegro Sanitation Corporation, is to oversee the sales team. Whether you’re a corporate giant or the neighborhood’s favorite diner, Mike and his team are available to meet your solid waste removal and recycling needs. Mike is a board member of the NJ Paper Recycling Association.

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Dominick R. Milano, V.P. Dispatch Operations

Phone: 201-863-1063 Ext:17

Dominick joined his family’s company, Allegro Sanitation Corporation, in 1970 as a driver and worked his way into overseeing all operations regarding all scheduling for the drivers and truck dispatch.

Dominick is a master route coordinator where he is able to utilize his organizational skills to oversee routing, scheduling and the hiring of drivers and helpers. Please contact Dominick if you are looking for a driver position in our organization.

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Michelle Milano-Emilio, C.F.O

Phone: 201-863-1063 Ext:20

After graduating Kean University with a B.S. in Accounting, and a career in public accounting, Michelle joined her family’s business, Allegro Sanitation Corporation, in 1995. Michelle oversees all financial matters, regulatory filings and growth of the business.

Michelle is a member of the NJ Paper Recycling Association.

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